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Top 7 Best Linux Distros For Laptops

It is specially designed for newbies who are switching from Windows to Linux, with straightforward GUI and programs similar to windows. To gain that amount of privacy, it tunnels all the traffic through the Tor network. _OS include an intuitive desktop, tons of tools, and a powerful search bar. For instance, you can install Tensorflow with a single line of code. Another great alternative to your Windows experience is Elementary OS but on top of Linux. It is a popular distro which is aimed at designers and productivity people.

  • The Fedora Developer Portal also comes with an excellent guide for developing hardware devices such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • Experience in working with configuration management systems (e.g. GIT, Artifactory).
  • Even though it is a small-sized Linux distro, it doesn’t compromise with end-user experience as it comes with a nice graphical user interface.
  • You’ll probably also want to add a package manager such as swaret.
  • We’ll illustrate working with the local interfaces and adding IP addresses, subnet masks, and any routes required to get your Linux host working in a new or existing network.

OpenSUSE relies on the Yast package manager for managing software packages and is recommended for developers and system administrators. Fedora Linux DistributionFedora has for a while now used the DNF package manager and offers the latest and the very best in RPM software packages. CentOS Linux DistributionThe latest version is CentOS 8.2 which is the third iteration of CentOS 8. It relies on App stream and BaseOS repositories and ships with the latest software packages such as Python 3.8, GCC 9.1, Maven 3.6, etc. Where efficiency, security, and stability are of utmost priority RHEL is the ideal distro to opt for. RHEL is subscription-based and the subscription is renewed annually. You can purchase a license for an array of subscription models such as Linux Developer Workstation, Linux developer suite, and Linux for Virtual Datacenters.


Whether you need to spin up a VM or service on Google Cloud Computer, AWS, Linode, Azure, etc… Ubuntu will be available. BackTrack was initially created as a fork of Knoppix and Auditor Security Collection. BackTrack changed its name to Kali in 2013 after this Linux distro was re-based around Debian instead of Ubuntu.

An attacker can gain access to an operating system by exploiting vulnerabilities. The Kernel is the most important component of Linux, and it is not vulnerable to the same flaws as server software. Furthermore, Linux servers can be easily managed and monitored remotely, making them easier to secure and more manageable. Linux is the most widely used and cost-effective What is DevOps Engineer? Skills, Roles & Responsibilities platform for networking and server development. By unifying the stack, it makes it simple and adaptable to business requirements. Linux is a better networking platform because it is more affordable, scalable, easier to learn, and adaptable to meet network needs. Those other Linux distros also have less potential for issues since they aren’t rolling OSes.

Best security distros

Freedom from having to ‘register’ each install of OS, freedom from pocketbook bleeding , freedom from forced to accept downloads, freedom from forced reboots. Abbreviated as RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux distro designed for Enterprise or commercial purposes. It’s one of the leading open-source alternatives to other proprietary systems such as Microsoft. Red Hat is usually a top choice for server environments given its stability and regular security patches which boost its overall security. In the past, I have shared some free Linux courses and free bash scripting courses for programmers and developers. It’s a free distribution, which, in its LTS version, has an OS that we can depend on being supported as you work through the various scenarios, builds, and examples that we’ll discuss. This makes it an easy distro to become familiar with, even if you don’t have server or workstation hardware to spare or even a virtualization platform to test with.

Networking and security companies offer a wide variety of firewall appliances, most of which are based on Linux or BSD. Many companies do offer free firewalls, some of the more popular being pfSense (free versions and pre-built hardware solutions available), OPNsense , and Untangle . Smoothwall is another alternative, with both free and commercial versions available. Red Hat has recently been acquired by IBM , but still maintains Fedora as one of its main projects. Fedora has both server and desktop versions, and remains freely available.

Arch Linux/Manjaro Linux

Each version of Ubuntu is locked to specific versions of applications. Ubuntuis one of the most popular desktop Linux distros out there.

  • You can limit the number of packets by including “-c” in the ping command.
  • As Linux continues to gain prominence, there has been a rise in network services being deployed on Linux for cost and flexibility reasons.
  • This Linux distribution is unique among Irish Linux distributions in that it has a one-of-a-kind release model.
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  • Do you want to know exactly how your new processor might work with Linux?
  • Virtual machines such as VirtualBox and VMware Workstation virtualize hardware allowing users to test live media on a virtual machine.

It runs on the chassis-based switches and WAN routers, has a broad range of features and protocols. Cisco has had many operating systems over the decades and several of them are listed here. Cumulus Linux is a Debian based Linux distribution that runs on a variety of commodity hardware. Cumulus is active in the Open Compute Project and contributed multiple projects back to the community. A screenshot Network Engineer & Information Technology IT Program Training of the Ubuntu desktop environment with open applications. Before the release of openSUSE, open-source software company SUSE was already a leader in bringing Linux products to enterprise environments with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server . Though it only accounts for a fraction of globally used operating systems, Linux continues to be a prevalent and critical tool for IT administrators and developers.

How to choose the best Linux distro for developers for you

MX Linux was first released in 2014, and it is a Debian-based Linux distribution. It comes with various GUI tools, making it very easy to use for users porting in from Windows or macOS. The user interface Exploring the Linux ip Command Unified Networking is quite simple; hence new users also find themselves home in first use. MX Linux is a midweight Linux distro that comes with three different desktop environments; XFCE, KDE, and Fluxbox.

Why is Ubuntu so popular?

Robust cross-platform experience. The biggest advantage of developing in Ubuntu is that allows working on the same underlying operating system both on your desktop systems and on your servers, in the cloud and on IoT devices.

Fast and stable with lots of MX-specific nice touches that make it stand out from the crowd. As a long-term Linux user, I tend to avoid anything Ubuntu flavored and am amazed it became so popular because it was just another Debian clone when it first appeared and a very drab ordinary one at that. TecMint is the fastest growing and most trusted community site for any kind of Linux Articles, Guides and Books on the web.


I have some 12-15yo laptops that are still alive and can do a lot for me today. If you’re going to install Kali, you may want to clear it with infosec first. Redhat trains and certifies system administrators through specialist courses such as RHCSA and RHCE . New features include Warpinator, which is a file-sharing program that works in a LAN and fractional scaling feature for HiDPI displays to enjoy sharper and crisp images. You will also get other applications for everyday use such as Firefox, LibreOffice, Audacious music player, Timeshift, and Thunderbird.

  • OpenSUSE occupies an “upstream” position to SLES, where changes can be introduced in a distro that is somewhat more “forgiving” to changes that might not always work out the first time.
  • Due to its user-friendliness and elegant UI, Ubuntu is ideal for desktop users and newcomers who are trying to wrap their head around Linux.
  • Instead, you boot it from a USB drive, DVD drive, or, yes, even now, a CD drive.
  • Simply click ‘Start a Project’ to see dedicated guides on developing web, command line, desktop and mobile apps.
  • Cumulus is active in the Open Compute Project and contributed multiple projects back to the community.

There are commercially backed distributions, such as Fedora Linux , openSUSE and Ubuntu (Canonical Ltd.); and entirely community-driven distributions, such as Debian, Slackware, Gentoo and Arch Linux. Most distributions come ready-to-use and precompiled for a specific instruction set, while some are distributed mostly in source code form and must be compiled locally for installation. There are many different Linux distributions that can be used to set up a web or data server. Each distribution has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to choose one that will best meet the needs of your specific server. For example, Ubuntu is a good choice for a web server because it is easy to use and has a large community of users and developers.


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